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Kazanchis, Woreda 08-Kirkos  Subcity

Nigist Tower 2nd Floor

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POBox: 21481 Code 1000 Addis Ababa


Alpha Tour and Travel Agency is a service rendering private organization licensed by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ministry of Trade.  It is a tour operator company founded in 2006, with head office in the Ethiopian capital city, Addis Ababa. It is the leading and reliable Tour, Travel and Car Rental Company. It is one of the oldest and most experienced tour operators in Ethiopia, sharing an extensive knowledge about the country, its culture, its nature and its people. It is internationally known for its flexibility and reliability, its caring staff and its modern and well maintained vehicles and equipments. It has been awarded various certificates from different organizations for its reliable and honest services. It has also been established by tourism professionals that have immense and long years of experience in providing excellent and reliable ground tour services. Our firm runs tour for those travelers who want to get best services but also insights in to the cultures and customs of the countries they visit. 


Alpha’s principle is to provide its customers the reasonably priced and quality service with the most exciting, satisfying and memorable visit during their stay in Ethiopia. We work hard to ensure you get only the best.

Alpha Tours is leader in providing services of high comfort and luxury travel, such as:

 Historical Route Tours(e.g. Lalibela, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Axum, Mekelle, Harar and others)

 City Tours (Addis Ababa’s and other cities’ attraction sites)

 Cultural Route Tours (e.g. Hamers, Bodi, Karo, Mursi and others)

 Trekking (Siemen Mountains, Bale Mountains, the Rift Valley & the Omo Valley)

 Omo Valley Safari

 Bird  Watching ( where abundant bird species are available)

 Photo Safari

 Private Safaris

 Study Tours

 Individual and Group Tours

 Camping 

 Hotel Reservation

 Flight Ticketing

 Special Interest Tours for Scientists and Explorers

 Organizing Conference and Conference Hall 

 Car Hire 

 Guest Transfer In and Out 

 Business Tours 

 Adventure Tours

And also we can organize tours off the beaten track, in the Afar region, Gambela, the west bank of the Omo and Beni Shangule Gumz.

We also provide a variety of specialist tours, in ornithology, flowers and plants, geology and anthropology, and can set up study tours in the discipline of your choice from Art to zoology, linking up with Ethiopian Institutions and Associations Specialists and Experts.

All  of our tour as can be tailored to meet our clients’ special interests, and are specially planned to make the visitor less a customer and more of a participant in Ethiopia life, culture and custom.

Our company has professional team engaged in tour operating and guiding having depth knowledge of the country and skilled with solving problems that may arise while on the tours. 

Guides working in Alpha Tour and Travel Agency can speak multi- languages with the clients and the local communities who they can speak.

In addition to enthusiastic and professional human resources, our firm is equipped with comfortable and reliable different types and models of vehicles like Pick Ups, Auto Mobiles, Minibus /Tourist Standard/, Bus /Tourist Standard/  and others, and also camping materials. 

Alpha Tour and Travel Agency is committed to ensuring the host communities benefit as much possible from tourism receipts and to exploring ways that benefits can be maximized.

The firm hires out different types and models of vehicles for different activities like Field works, Tours, Supervisions, Picnics, Survey and for Guest Transfer In and Out. Some of the vehicles that we have as follows: 

• Land Cruisers /different types and models/

• Pick Ups

• Auto Mobiles

• Mini buses /tourist standard/

Since our vehicles are in the excellent condition, professional and experienced drivers of the company do speak different languages, with a good knowledge about the geographical locations, history and culture of the country. Our customers will not face any discomforts while conducting their field works or tours. There are things that have made Alpha Tour and Travel Agency to exist for a long time in the market and to have a good will as follows:

 All of our employees are well committed, professional and experienced.

 Our office is well organized, equipped and open 24 hours. 

 All of our vehicles are insured.

 We hire out different types & models of vehicles.

 We serve our customers on the basis of their needs.

 We have a mobile garage to provide backup service during tours or field works. 

In case you require service and further information related to our activities, we are ready to serve you and we will provide the vehicles and other services at anytime and anywhere. Do not hesitate to contact us on our services.


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