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Glistening in the Ethiopian sunshine, the new African Union Conference Center and Office Complex is the crowning symbol of Addis Ababa’s growing

prominence as Africa’s diplomatic hub. The massive, 52,000-square-meter (560,000-square-foot) facility, described as “a giant spaceship” by the Financial Times, also features an office tower that has become Addis Ababa’s tallest building. Strikingly modern but taking aesthetic cues from various African artistic traditions, the Chinese–built AUCC is an architectural marvel by any global standard.

The elliptical assembly hall building is the centerpiece of the facility, with a gargantuan skylight hovering high above the 2,500-seat auditorium like a giant, luminous cloud.

Behind the massive platform lies a wood-paneled room with dozens of black stuffed-leather armchairs — a waiting area for dignitaries preparing to take the stage. Similar VIP lounges are tucked between the center’s seven conference halls and 31 caucus rooms. The complex also includes a medical clinic, media center, library and catering facilities.


The arrival of this structure comes at a time when Africa is in need of a global gathering place. The increasing prominence of the African Union in international affairs, combined with the economic attention Africa is attracting, has increased the demand for Pan-African dialogue, deal making and diplomacy.

The African Union was formed just a decade ago, after the dissolution of its predecessor, the Organization of African Unity (established in 1963). Although it has faced many challenges and endured skepticism, the AU has grown to become an influential, multifaceted organization tackling an ambitious agenda of political, social and economic transformation across the continent.

In recent years, the AU has also become more politically active among its member states and is a leading advocate for the promotion of trade and economic integration. Most prominently, the AU has performed a critical role in peacekeeping operations in areas such as Sudan’s Darfur region and Somalia.

All of these activities are coordinated by the African Union Commission — the permanent, Addis Ababa–based secretariat that serves as the AU’s executive body. Dr. Jean Ping, chairman of the AU Commission from April 2008 to July 2012, declares the new complex “absolutely a necessity.” Previously, several of the AU’s major meetings had to be held across town at the United Nations Conference Center.



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